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Acoustics in the office, meeting or boardroom

Noise reverberation is caused by hard surfaces such as gib-board, glass, wood and concrete.

These types of surfaces cause sound to reflect. This effect raises background noise levels and to compensate for this, people will raise their own voice which in turn, increases reverberation.

Open plan offices have increased the requirement for better solutions to reduce the reverberated noise (echo or noise bounce) within the spaces.

Noise around the office is distracting, disruptive and at times downright annoying.

The good news there are some very effective solutions in the form of:
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles,
  • Acoustically rated carpet tiles
  • Various acoustic wall treatments. Most not only functional but decorative too.
Image of Workspace Acoustics

1: Canyon Ceiling mounted Acoustic drop screens

2: 2D Wall Tiles

Image of Workspace Acoustics

1: Green and Grey Acoustic floor tiles, random pattern

2: Orange & Black themed floor tiles, repeating pattern

Acoustically rated Commercial Tiles and Planks.

Noise is proving to be a huge issue in many offices, particularly open plan. Smooth hard surfaces effectively bounce noise around the Workspaces. This is termed reverberation. There are many solutions available to combat this - Acoustic ceiling tiles, wall claddings, screen upholstery fabrics and decorative feature panels.

Add to these Acoustically rated Carpet tiles and Planks and we have a total toolbox of solutions to combat reverberated noise in the office. Cost-effective, functional and highly decorative colours, textures and designs to reflect the individual company image. Computer-generated design processes will create a look unique to the client requirements and produce a template for the installers to replicate on-site.

We can provide the following acoustic solutions for your workspace:  

  • Typical Acoustic pod
  • Acoustic wall cladding
  • Desk hung acoustic screens
  • Acoustic Fun Products
  • Standing Acoustic screens

If your office, boardroom or clubroom sounds like an Echo Chamber, we can help!

Call for an on-site assessment and help with suitable solutions...

Latest Acoustics Project

Sunset Surf Life Saving

Thanks to a referral from a fellow member and business colleague of All Round Networking in Pukekohe.  Workspace Interiors was invited to visit and offer solutions to reduce the reverberated noise – `Echo` – in the new club rooms of Sunset Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

Timber floors, lots of windows, painted walls and ceilings contributed hugely to the noise reverberation in the space.

Options for acoustic materials were propose for the ceilings and some walls with the chosen option was to treat the pitched ceilings - See pics – with 2400mm x 1800mm x 24mm Acoustic panels. The ceiling effectively divided into six segments. A full and a half panel was used in each. These were suspended on stainless steel cables creating a 200mm airgap between the ceiling and the panels. This increased the effectiveness by around 50% of each panel effectively absorbing noise from both sides.

Our client is very pleased with the result both from the effectiveness and the aesthetic appearance of the panels. Hey chose the white but several colour options are available.

If Noise is a distraction or interference in your office let’s get together for a chat and consider come practical and often decorative solutions.

Image of Clubroom Acoustics
Image of Clubroom Acoustics

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  • Thanks, John from Workspace and a big thank you to all your contractors too. You guys are amazing and if anyone is looking to have an office designed/moved/updated, I will have no hesitation to recommend you and your team.

    John van Winden New Zealand Home Loans(NZHL)
  • John has supplied and installed several desk and seating solutions in my offices over the past 4 years. Always recommended. Great quality product too and not much more than cheap Chinese furniture!

    Matt Reid RAZOR Web Design

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More information about Acoustics for workspaces:

A room that is considered 'loud', 'reverberant', or 'echo-ey' generally needs additional sound absorption. Materials with an NRC rating of. 75 or higher are generally considered highly absorptive, and will yield the greatest improvement with the least amount of material.

These may be adhered directly to walls or ceilings. Or in the case of ceilings suspended. This would ideally include an airgap of around 200mm increasing the NRC rating by around 50% by gaining benefits from both sides of the products.

Other products can be used in screens around desk and workstations.

Or if a greater degree of quiet and privacy Acoustics Pods may be the answer?